Agecroft Hall – Richmond, Va

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Elisabeth and I are getting away for two days to celebrate our “French” anniversary (we had two ceremonies in two countries, so we technically celebrate two anniversary dates each September… one planned by each of us). We headed to Richmond for the night and have been playing it by ear for things to do. After a nice brunch and checking into our hotel, I started looking at some guides to local attractions. I stumbled upon a listing for Agecroft Hall and remembered having visited it and enjoyed it a great deal more than a dozen years ago. With nothing else planned and the weather positively gorgeous, we decided to spend the afternoon touring the home and its gardens.

Agrecroft Hall is a 500+ year old Elizabethan estate that was disassembled and transported to the United States in the 1920’s. It was rebuilt in predominantly the same manner and used as a private residence for 30+ years before becoming a museum in the late 1960s.

Much to my irritation, there was no photography allowed inside during the tour. As I said before, though, the weather was fantastic today and I had some fun shooting around the gardens. Nothing about these photos is especially spectacular, but it’ll give you a taste of a pleasant, pre-fall day at Agecroft.

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  1. bob says:

    I happen to disagree with the quality of your photos, most are spectacular.