No, I’m Not Dead & MT Update

No, I haven’t passed away and isn’t dead either. 🙂 Life has been Busy with a capital ‘B” lately. I’ve got a lot to write about, actually, and want to do the various topics justice in the coming days. Among the various things going on has been the completion of my second MAME arcade (details on the first one here), the installation of the DS3 circuit upgrade I ordered last November (long, sordid story), and a handful of other things I’d like to share, vent about or otherwise blognosticate upon for a while. I’m just trying to catch my breath right now.

Regarding the MAME machine: I’m in the process right now of getting another blog set up to house the information (I’ll RSS-crossfeed it with this blog, too). My plan is to migrate all the content from my previous MAME arcade site to the new MovableType installation I just completed a few minutes ago. Once I get the new look for it in place and the content migrated, I’ll link it to the world and begin the process of documenting the building of the new machine. It’ll take a few days, so bear with me… I’ll also be co-authoring the site with my good friend and other local MAME afficianado, John Coleman. I’m getting ready to do the Linux work for him on his partially-finished CPU and we’ll document his project on here as well. We’ve got big plans. 🙂

As for the DS3… information on all the facets of that project are for another post that I’ll get around to writing soon. The dust is still settling, but the impact of it has been tremendous in many (positive) ways. You should undoubtedly be seeing a vast improvement in how fast this site comes up compared to just over a week ago. More on that later…

For now, I’m off to finish tinkering with the guts of the new MAME blog and catch up on last night’s episode of Rome which I missed since I was… well, tinkering with MAME again. 🙂

Oh, and the new MAME blog is running on MovableType 3.2, so I felt compelled to do the update on here as well. So far as I can tell, it didn’t eat halfpress. If you hit any pages, though, that seem borked, don’t hesitate to let me know so I can fix them. I still have some new features to explore and possibly implement in the coming days.

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