Blue Ridge Parkway – Panoramic VR

I decided to spend some time driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway on Saturday. I got on it at the intersection with Route 60 and drove south to the Peaks of Otter where I had a light dinner. I then drove back north again past Route 60 to the intersection with Route 56 (an ungodly windy road that also serves Crabtree Falls), returning home via Route 151 and 29

The weather was gorgeous, albeit slightly overcast and more than a bit chilly in the wind. I was also shocked at how few other people I saw over the course of about six hours of driving around.Утепление домов из пеноблоков

I stopped where the parkway crosses the James River near Big Island and decided to do a VR Panorama standing on the Harry Flood Byrd Memorial Bridge. There is a footbridge suspended underneath the automotive bridge allowing you to walk from one bank to the other and enjoy the scenery from a nice vantage point in between.

I thought the long, straight lines in both directions coupled with the water and the mountains made for an interesting VR opportunity. It’s also one of the first VR’s I’ve made with completely successful nadir (ground) and zenith (overhead) elements. The result has no visible tripod legs or mount… it’s as if the shot was taken floating above the ground in a 360 degree bubble.


– Aaron

One Response to “Blue Ridge Parkway – Panoramic VR”

  1. joey says:

    He’s not kidding about the barf-inducing aspects of the PangeaVR version. It looks great, but now I’m kinda dizzy!