Two Photos in Shutterbug Magazine

I’ve had a number of my photos used in some regional magazines of late (Virginia Sportsman) as well as a few in various SBC publications. I was quite pleased and amused, though, to see that Shutterbug Magazine published two of mine in their November issue. I had submitted both several months ago for their upcoming topic of “lens effects”, thinking it unlikely that either would be used. As it turns out, they used both along with my original caption.

I wasn’t sure if they were selected until I saw it while flipping through this month’s issue in our living room the other day. As an amusing sidenote, the first time either of us saw an article that Scientific American Magazine published on my first MAME arcade was while standing in a bookshop in Paris on our honeymoon in September 2003. 🙂 I’ve since found a copy of it floating around on the web translated into Chinese.

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