MWSF: The Big Day

I’m quite tired at the moment, so this one is going to be brief. Obviously, I’ll start with the big one:RA Grani

The iPhone is positively stunning.

Go see for yourself. Download the keynote. There is nothing I can say here that others have not said (and probably said better).

Oh, and did I mention that it’s positively stunning?

Speaking of the keynote… total blast. Yes, we got there at 5:30 AM and the line was already wrapped around the building into the next block. Sometime after 7 AM we were herded into Moscone West. I got split, based on my pass, into the priority seating group and ended up being in about the first 120 attendees into the hall (behind, of course, the VIPs, press and various Apple employees).

I made some great friends in the line this morning. That’s one fantastic thing about MacWorld conferences… you just meet the neatest people and almost instantly start talking like you’ve known one another for years.
Speaking of great people, I got to meet at least three tonight that I have admired for a long time: Alex Lindsay, Merlin Mann and Leo Laporte.

Lots, LOTS more to tell… but I need some sleep. ?

Oh, remind me to tell you later about the Google Sketch-Up socks.

2 Responses to “MWSF: The Big Day”

  1. Yay! They built a proximity sensor into the iPhone — I was worried about dialing France with my cheek…
    I love the consistent attention to detail.

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