In the month since…

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A lot has happened since my little flurry of posts from San Francisco and MacWorld 2007. I stopped writing from there about halfway through the trip mostly due to having come down with a friggin’ cold. I spent Wednesday evening and much of the day Thursday that week holed up in my hotel room, conserving energy so I wouldn’t miss the podcasting Wholesale NFL Jerseys party at Jillian’s (a bar in Sony’s Metreon). I’m jordan retro 11 glad I did since I had a chance to chat some more, however briefly, with Leo, John Foster, Alex Lindsay, Merlin and Scott Bourne. Inspiring guys…

Unfortunately, the time between MacWorld and today has had a few small joys and one tremendous tragedy.

My Grandfather died last October. While not sudden, it was nonetheless a deeply saddening experience. A few weeks ago on January 28th, almost three months to the day we buried him, my Grandmother also died. Her death, by contrast, was quite sudden and unexpected and involved a whirlwind 48-hour escalation from discomfort to emergency surgery to, ultimately, passing away in a virtual coma. None of us were in the least prepared, especially in the wake of my Grandfather’s recent death.

I wrote a debe tribute to my Cheap Oakleys grandfather on here the day that he died. By contrast, I’ve been silent here from just prior to my grandmother’s death through the few weeks since. My grandmother was an incredible and unique woman who easily had as much influence on my life as my grandfather. The sudden and unfair nature of her death, however, leaves me grieving not just for her, but for the combined loss of them both as grandparents. It’s not two deaths in three months but, in a way, three.

The two weeks of dawning realization prior to my grandfather’s death had a lot to do with being in the proper frame of mind to write what I did on the day that he died. I’m just not there yet with writing about my grandmother. In time…Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Whatever Cheap Jordan Shoes my reasons for periods of silence on here, I need to get my ass in gear to post more frequently. Part of why I switched to a blog format from my previous static pages was to overcome the “effort barrier” that often killed spontaneity. I now have little excuse outside of a lack of discipline.

Outside of the personal events mentioned, I’ve got a somewhat blog-worthy backlog that I’m now setting out to tackle…

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