Lantern Bearing

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In the eleven years I’ve worked at SBC, I’ve never witnessed a Lantern Bearing but have always been fascinated with the concept. From a photography standpoint, I’ve always had a weakness for low-light shots involving flames or other interesting lighting (Williamsburg BlacksmithParis, FranceCanal du Briare, France). Lantern Bearing didn’t disappoint in this regard…

Low-light photography is challenging enough. It gets even more challenging, though, when need to assemble six-shot, 360-degree panoramas involving people. Fortunately, the juniors here were wonderfully willing to oblige and patiently put up with my odd request to stand very still while I walk in a circle pressing a button on the end of cord. ?

Links to 48 images from last night can be found in the drop-down box above. I think the slideshow works especially well for this. Click on the images below to see two 360-degree panoramas from last night. You will need Quicktime to view these (Mac users are set already and Windows users who have installed iTunes should already have what they need as well).

For those not familiar with VR Panoramas, click the windows below, then just hold down your mouse button on the image once it appears and drag around. Be sure to look up and down as well.
– Aaron

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2 Responses to “Lantern Bearing”

  1. John Worthington says:

    So epic.
    360 panos are hard enough… at night is just for the brave.

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