Tap. Tap. [cough]. Um, is this thing on?

I built a blog so that the threshold would be low enough for writing posts that I’d be inclined to do it more frequently. Instead, I still keep finding myself putting it off “just a little longer” so that I can give an entry proper attention.

I’ve got to stop that since it’s been, oh, about a YEAR since I really posted anything. I think Twitter, which some describe as “micro-blogging” has gotten me going again. That and the fact that I’ve got a million things to talk about these days. ?

Waaaay too many things have gone on in “the silent time” to really catch up, so I’ll just summarize a little here and then TRY to get my butt in gear to post regularly now.

I’m doing a great deal more contract photography work now, both for the college and other individuals and organizations. I enjoy it a great deal despite it adding about a half-time job to my already greater than full-time job. Busy is good, really, and the added income pays bills and buys more gear to, of course, do more work. ?

On a related note, I re-arranged much of my home studio / office work space and built in a new permanent desk into the corner of the room that uses up one full wall and more than half of another. It gives me about eighteen feet of continuous surface at an ideal height with cable management underneath, good lighting, etc. I’ll put up a VR of the space soon (the current one I have is outdated).

One significant and wonderful addition to the computing tools was adding an Apple 30″ Cinema Display which, some months later, I mounted on a fully articulating hydraulic arm. I can move it around most any way I like with just a finger (up, down, side to side, in, out, 180 rotation, etc). I almost can’t abide using the laptop’s own 17″ display anymore once I got spoiled by all the screen real estate of a 30″ display. Throw in OS X Leopard’s Spaces feature and you’ve got limitless screen room. With theMacBook Pro, too, I can open the lid and run both side by side which I might start doing soon with the Lightroom 2.0 Beta .

One nice thing about reworking my office space was freeing up the rest of the room for a small studio space with my strobes, etc. It’s more than enough room for portrait work, product photography, etc. It’s another reason I’m using the 30″ display and arm, too, since I can swing the monitor into a nice position to see while standing across the room and shooting tethered. Great for high resolution previews of each shot right after it has been taken.

I’m always doing various things with my camera gear. Since I last wrote, I added a second body (Canon 30D) for convenience and backup, sold my Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 and replaced it with Canon’s L-class equivalent, added an Epson P-3000 in place of my Hyperdrive, and misc other things including bags, etc. I try to keep my hardware and software list up to date here for anyone curious.

I’ve gotten involved in quite a few large new projects (podcasts, 3D modeling, etc), too, but I’ll blog about each of those separately here in a few minutes. This entry is already meandering a bit with little or no real point other than to catch up on some technical minutiae.

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