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I’ve finally had a chance to put up a set of images from our trip to Newport, RI. We spent four days there starting June 7th and thoroughly enjoyed this fascinating island.

For those not familiar, Newport was the turn of the century summering location of the American “aristocracy”. I provide some additional background on Newport in my previous post with a QTVR of a massive weeping beech tree, so check there and the wikipedia link above.

Average temperatures in Newport are in the 60’s and 70’s this time of year, so I was pretty thrilled to be leaving the 100 degree heat wave of Virginia for the trip. Understand that I despise hot, humid weather. Well, the heat wave followed us to New England and hit around 90 degrees and humid a good bit of the time. This sucked the total life out of my photographic endeavors since I spent the mornings feeling like I was wearing a greasy washcloth instead of a shirt. Yuck. I can’t say the photos here are particularly stellar, but they should at least give you a taste of some of the Newport mansions and surroundings.

There are a couple of HDR images in here, though they need some more tweaking. Also, I geocoded most of my shooting using my AMOD AGL-3080 (look for some posts soon detailing this process). Until I get some good geo-coded linking worked into my workflow, I’m making use of Flickr for mapping. To see these images placed on a map, go here and be sure to note the slider along the bottom to see the full set.

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One Response to “Photos from Newport Trip”

  1. Aaron Heath says:

    Great shots, Aaron.
    Some of the use of light is fantastic.
    Thanks, other Aaron! 🙂