Of Local Interest: Waterstone Finally Open

I’m pleased to say that a restaurant we’ve been eagerly awaiting here in Lynchburg is finally open and, more importantly, it doesn’t suck. In fact, it’s really quite excellent! ?

There wasn’t an official Google Maps entry yet, so I just added one for the meantime.

It was last year sometime that I first heard about the plans to open Waterstone, a wood-fired, brick oven pizza restaurant attached to a brewery. It’s located on Jefferson Street and is part of the larger Bluffwalk Center / Cradock Terry Hotel complex which also includes Shoemaker’s restaurant and The Jefferson Street Brewery .

My remark that it “doesn’t suck” is just my general semi-negative attitude about the Lynchburg restaurant scene. Yes, we have some very good restaurants here. We also have a lot of mediocre crap, the worst of which make a play at being creative (surprisingly few make even that effort) and fall miserably short. My wife calls me a pessimist (I’m truly not), but I’ve found it safer to assume mediocrity around here and to be pleasantly surprised (and very supportive as a customer) when they pull it off. ?

Waterstone pulled it off VERY well.

We visited with a couple of friends during the restaurant’s first hour of being open to the public and found the whole operation to be very polished. The waiter was comfortable and engaging, the atmosphere was attractive and tastefully designed and, above all, the pizza was superb. As a group, we ordered four ten-inch pizzas including the Waterstone White, Greek, Wild Mushroom and a Sicilian (the most traditional of the four). All had a superb flavor, were not at all oily, heavy or greasy, and each was true to its theme with fresh ingredients and distinct flavors. The Sicilian, with its various sausages, was at the greatest risk of being overly heavy but managed to be just as “light” as the others.

We focused on the pizza last night, but the menu was fairly extensive and there is a lot left we’d like to try. I’m all for anything that brings quality to downtown Lynchburg and can say with certainty that we’ll be repeat customers. They have plans for a two-level outside seating area as well as other refinements and their location on that part of Jefferson Street provides a lot of promise for community engagement. Here’s hoping Waterstone is the beginning of a positive trend in the local dining scene and a little less having to flee to Charlottesville for a really great meal! ?

In closing, I will mention three other local restaurants of note. There are more, yes, but I want to mention these three right now: Machu Picchu, Grace and Main Street Eatery. Main Street has history and remains a Lynchburg institution, Machu Picchu is simply fantastic for those desiring Peruvian dishes (Elsa is passionate about her cooking) and Grace is probably the single most creative, elegant restaurant in the area and absolutely worth the visit.

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