Dumb Luck 101: My First “Organic” 3D Modo Project on History Channel

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I’m planning to write more about this when I have some time, but I figured I’d link to a local news item about my first “organic” Modo project ending up in a nationally broadcast documentary.Point Break 2015 movie download

Understand that this is not a suggestion that I have any great 3D modeling experience (I don’t)… it was kind of “dumb luck” to be perfectly honest. 🙂

Mahler’s Venus on History Channel

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Frankly, the model isn’t completely finished yet and, I’ve had my hands so full with work, TWiP, forthcoming TWiM producing and photo gigs that I’ve not had much time in Modo recently. I’ve got a pile of projects I want to do with it soon since the app is just insanely cool.

I’m working on a few things combining Modo models with textures I shoot digitally and equirectangular HDR panos (most recent one here) that I shoot and assemble to use for real-world lighting.

This is the model I started after spending part of Christmas screwing around in Modo and modeling an AMF bowling pin I had sitting on my desk.

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  1. Dan Ablan says:

    That’s totally awesome! Congrats!