Reeder 2.0 on iPhone: GR-Synced RSS Done Right

As many listeners of TWiP know (from my endless yammering in a past episode), I adore Google Reader, which is the web-based manifestation of my love of RSS in general. Anything that brings the obnoxiously wide range of websites that I want to follow right to my eyes in an organized fashion pleases me to no end.

Part of why I love Google Reader is that it’s efficient and, being web-based, is inherently synced when I switch from desktop to iPhone (and, in five more days, iPad) and back. I had tinkered with various RSS reader apps on the iPhone that synced in some manner, but they struck me as cumbersome or pointless. Why pointless? Because Google Reader’s web-based mobile incarnation formats VERY nicely on the iPhone and Google, as they are wont to do, is always refining that interface.

So it took a cry of euphoria from a recent TechCrunch post to pique my interest in Reeder 2.0.

Yes, finally, I’ve found a Google Reader-synched iPhone RSS app that actually beats Google at their own game. The interface is smooth and fast and very pleasant to look at, from the color scheme right on down to the various flicking gestures to reveal per-entry functionality. It syncs so seamlessly with Google Reader that I can read a single article, then hit “R” to refresh on my desktop and see the count decrement by one. This might seem trivial, but it means the app is as functional as the web-based reader in terms of keeping me synchronized between desktop and iPhone. It can also cache the content very nicely to allow for offline reading (excluding, of course, following links to outside content).

Reeder 2.0 on my iPhone

Reeder 2.0 on my iPhone

Check out the iTunes entry for the app for some screenshots, the feature list and the overwhelmingly positive reviews (the TechCrunch article also goes into plenty of detail about its benefits, so I won’t repeat all of that here). Then pony up the $2.99 if you’re as into Google Reader as I am. If you’re not, maybe this is a good place to start. 🙂

Oh, and here’s hoping they have an equally sexy iPad version on the way. I would imagine they do.

2 Responses to “Reeder 2.0 on iPhone: GR-Synced RSS Done Right”

  1. Marlin Schrock says:

    So I assume that reeder works well on Edge? Since it’s all we got here?

    • Aaron says:

      Honestly, I’ve not tested it on Edge yet but will. I’ll tweet the results if you’re watching.