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Anyone who follows my blog (which, to my great shame, I’ve not updated for almost a year) or my twitter feed knows that I am a huge fan of the iPad. This morning I found the new Onswipe plug-in for WordPress that reformats your blog into a swipe-able, accelerator-aware magazine format for iPads… so I thought I’d give it a whirl as my first step toward getting back into the swing of blogging.focuz.ru

For the moment, I’ve had to disable the FancyBox plug-in I use for doing shadowed, pop-up insets of the photos in my posts, so non-iPad users who click on embedded pictures will get a rather boring version in their browser window. I’m going to figure out later this evening how to work around that or replace it with something acceptable as a compromise. In the meantime, browse my old content here from an iPad if you can and let me know how it’s working.

I’ve got quite a few posts to write with updates on this and that as well as quite a few photo galleries I need to assemble spanning the course of this last year. I’m also going to do a write-up on the iPad 2 (which I stood in line for eleven hours to obtain on opening day and, quite simply, had a blast in the process).

More to come…

– Aaron


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