Which Angle is Most Compelling?

In preparation for my upcoming trip to the pacific northwest, I’m doing some experiments with a GoPro Hero HD camera mounted on my car. I’ll write in more detail about the trip plans and preparations in the coming days, but for the moment I was hoping to get some opinions on which angles people find to be the most visually appealing when shot from a moving automobile.

Check out these five short quicktime snippets I’ve embedded, then cast your vote at the end. Feel free to post comments here or direct them to me via twitter.

Note: No, my hood is not bent. These cameras have a 170 degree field of view (fisheye), so there is going to be some serious distortion. The location on the car also creates a greater sense of speed… so, no, I’m not driving like a maniac. I also disabled the sound since it was, well… mostly annoying.

Front Bumper (about eight inches off the road surface):


Facing Driver:


Front Edge of Hood:


Middle of Hood:



2 Responses to “Which Angle is Most Compelling?”

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