Game of Drones – TWiP #296

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TWiP Cheap Jordan Shoes #296 just dropped and, after a long absence, I’ve popped back up for an interview with Frederick.

What Cheap Ray Bans about? One of my latest passions and something I’ve wanted to get into for a long time: aerial photography using multi-rotor R/C aircraft… in a word: drones. But the good kind. :)

I’m deep into experimenting, tweaking and hacking  a DJI Phantom with a Hero 3 Black Edition and a new QUADframe 2-axis gimbal kit, oakley outlet so I’ll jordans for cheap wait until I have some cool results to share before I write Cheap Ray Bans a more extensive post. Until then, we cover a lot of issues and do some hardware show and tell in our TWiP discussion, so check it out!

Here’s the drone interview:


And here’s the full episode:

I’ve got tons to write about on this and other topics, so I’m determined to get back into regular posting. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s a rundown of equipment I mentioned during the interview with links and I’ll write more details about each in future posts. Feel free to pose questions in the comments or, better yet, send them to me via Twitter: @halfpress.

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