Newark, NJ. Never again.

Tweet Tweet <div style="float: right; margin-left: cheap football jerseys cheap nfl jerseys 10px;”>Tweet I’m writing this from the Amtrak Accela heading south into DC. It’s been an So let’s see… Newark, NJ.inFOLIO Research Group Quick background: I’ve spent two weeks – a week apart – this month at various Crestron training seminars. The first […]

Dumb Luck 101: My First “Organic” 3D Modo Project on History Channel

Dumb Luck 101: My First "Organic" 3D Modo Project on History Channel

Tweet Tweet Tweet <div id="attachment_189" style="width: cheap Oakleys sunglasses 160px” class=”wp-caption alignleft”> click for full size I’m planning to write more about this ray ban sunglasses when I have some time, but I figured I’d link to a local news item about my first “organic” Modo project ending up in a nationally broadcast documentary.Point Break […]

TWiP: This Week in Photography

Tweet Tweet I’ve been a fan of the various This Week in [insert topic here] podcasts for years. The podfather namesake of this family, so to speak, is This Week in Tech. Recorded every Sunday, TWiT is Leo Laporte’s baby that evolved from a post-TechTV recorded get together a few years back. Fast forward a […]

Tap. Tap. [cough]. Um, is this thing on?

Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet I built a blog so that the threshold would be low enough for writing posts that I’d be inclined to do it more frequently. Instead, I still keep finding myself putting it off wholesale nfl jersyes “just a little longer” so that I can give an entry proper attention. I’ve got […]

In the month since…

Tweet <div style="float: Cheap Jerseys right; margin-left: 10px;”>Tweet Tweet A lot has happened since my little flurry of posts from San Francisco and MacWorld 2007. I stopped writing from there about halfway through the trip mostly due to having come down with a friggin’ cold. I spent Wednesday evening and much of the day Thursday […]

My Grandfather: March 20, 1911 – October 24, 2006

My Grandfather: March 20, 1911 - October 24, 2006

Tweet Tweet Dr. Henry R. Mahler, Jr., died peacefully today in the loving company of his wife, two sons, one daughter, two daughters-in-law, one granddaughter-in-law, three fellow ministers and his grandson… me.Кирпичные столбы для забора This was the day of ultimate peace for him on a calendar that spanned ninety-five extraordinary years, and for that […]

Two Photos in Shutterbug Magazine

Two Photos in Shutterbug Magazine

Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet I’ve had a number of my photos used in some regional magazines of late (Virginia Sportsman) as well as a few in various SBC publications. I was quite pleased and amused, though, to see that Shutterbug Magazine published two cheap nfl jerseys of mine in their November issue. I had submitted […]