Onswipe for WordPress

Tweet Anyone who follows my blog (which, to my great shame, I’ve not updated for almost a year) or my twitter feed knows that I am a huge fan of the iPad. This morning I found the new Onswipe plug-in for WordPress that reformats your blog into a swipe-able, accelerator-aware magazine format for iPads… so I […] the big overhaul the big overhaul

Tweet Tweet Tweet I’ve been wanting to return to active blogging and more frequent posting of photo galleries for quite some time now. The sysadmin/geek in me also wanted to completely overhaul the blog including finding a new approach to how my galleries are created. I also needed to refresh my approach to online […]

More about reCAPTCHA

More about reCAPTCHA

Tweet Here’s a nice article I spotted today in my RSS feeds that gives some insight into reCAPTCHA, the system I implemented here on the blog last week. Enjoy! – Aaron P.S. Screw you, spammers. ?Площадки лестниц Update

Tweet This is just a quick note to let everyone know that I’ve upgraded MovableType today to the latest version. The version I was running before was quite old and it’s been on my “to do” list for ages now. There are new features I’ll try to utilize once I have time to explore them, […]

Blog Cross-pollination

Tweet I’ve spent time over the last few nights focusing on the migration of my old MAME website to a new MAME blog appropriately called… well… I’m going to be doing a lot of photos of my arcades (inside and out) soon to update the documenation on those projects. In the process, I’m hoping […]

Gallery Automation Project (nearly) Done

Gallery Automation Project (nearly) Done

Tweet NOTE: All of this has been massively superseded (here in 2010) with WordPress and Zenfolio together with Lightroom. Again, I leave this here for “historical” purposes… I’ve been working off and on for a week or more on a major workflow automation project for the blog. Let me start off by quickly pointing out […]

No, I’m Not Dead & MT Update

Tweet No, I haven’t passed away and isn’t dead either. 🙂 Life has been Busy with a capital ‘B” lately. I’ve got a lot to write about, actually, and want to do the various topics justice in the coming days. Among the various things going on has been the completion of my second MAME […]

So what is halfpress?

Tweet NOTE: This is the original “about” from I’m replacing it with the blog update, but leaving this for “historical” purposes… Half-Press, halfpress, 1/2press? Eh… doesn’t much matter how you write it, I guess. I tend to find halfpress to be the easiest one to type out of the bunch. (,, and […]