A Tale of 3D Modeling, Photography, Classic Arcades and Geek Nostalgia

A Tale of 3D Modeling, Photography, Classic Arcades and Geek Nostalgia

Tweet Indulge me for a bit, dear reader; I feel a monumental free-association nerd ramble coming on. It’s always fun when you can cook up a project that combines your favorite hobbies, interests and skills. For some reason lately I’ve gotten the bug to start dabbling in 3D modeling again. It’s something I’ve done off […]

Reeder 2.0 on iPhone: GR-Synced RSS Done Right

Reeder 2.0 on iPhone: GR-Synced RSS Done Right

Tweet As many listeners of TWiP know (from my endless yammering in a past episode), I adore Google Reader, which is the web-based manifestation of my love of RSS in general. Anything that brings the obnoxiously wide range of websites that I want to follow right to my eyes in an organized fashion pleases me […]

MWSF: Day Three

MWSF: Day Three

Tweet Day three started with a fun MacWorld Live event hosted by David Pogue of the New York Times. This is a tradition that started since my last MacWorld (’97 in Boston), so it was a first time thing for me. It’s done in a sort of David Letterman-style talk show format with a few […]

MWSF: The Big Day

MWSF: The Big Day

Tweet I’m quite tired at the moment, so this one is going to be brief. Obviously, I’ll start with the big one:RA Grani The iPhone is positively stunning. Go see for yourself. Download the keynote. There is nothing I can say here that others have not said (and probably said better). Oh, and did I […]

MWSF: Day One

Tweet Tweet Tweet Today was probably the one and only “relaxed” day at MWSF. Any Power Tools seminars you were signed up for started this morning and ran all day without any distractions. Tomorrow, however, the craziness begins and there will usually be about four things you’d want to do all going on in the […]

In, settled and freakin’ exhausted…

In, settled and freakin' exhausted...

Tweet I’m a night person. Any attempts to go to sleep earlier than when I am feeling genuinely sleepy usually don’t pan That’s why I’m cursed when it comes to things like flying out at 6 AM. Despite my best efforts last night, I rolled around in bed, unable to sleep until probably 2:45 […]

Off to MacWorld San Francisco!

Tweet This is just a quick note that I am off to MacWorld 2007 in San Francisco in about… nine hours. Yikes! Gotta go finish I’ll try to post regularly here during the week, so keep your fingers crossed that Apple is geared up to meet or exceed the Internet hype-machine! ? – Aaron

Another step closer…

Tweet And yet another step closer to ending the Internet as we know it: Telecom reform moves forward – House panel OKs measure favored by phone companies Enjoy it while you can.

FCC Complicity in the Corporate Murder of the Internet

Tweet As predicted, the FCC is lining itself up to favor corporate interests over the greater success of the Internet and the protection of consumers: FCC Chief: AT&T Can Limit Net Bandwidth No shock, I guess. The goal of this administration has always been to maximize profits of corporate interests. Who cares if it’s short-sighted? […]

The Greatest Thing EVER!

Tweet After all the incredible excitement and hype, Microsoft has finally unveiled what they promise to be the coolest thing ever for mobile computing. Unfortunately, it turns out to be this: Microsoft Origami UMPC Wow. An over-large, limited-battery-life, not-sure-if-you-can-make-calls-on-it, not especially sexy handheld (plural, not singular) PC running Windows XP. Put Linux on it and […]

The Ongoing Corporate Murder of the Internet

Tweet The stories cropping up everyone regarding lobbying efforts by telecom companies to start chopping up, tiering and otherwise murdering the smooth flow of information across the Internet have started to worry me more than just about any other technical issue of late. Typically, this whole situation is yet another example of corporate interests and […]

Playing iPocket Pool

Tweet I’ve got a high tolerance (infatuation?) with gadgetry and have been accused of appreciating some pretty silly and superfluous “technology” before… but even I have my limits.Лендвери — входные металлические двери в СПб Levi’s introduces iPod-compatible jeans From the article: With a joystick remote control built into the watch pocket, the new jeans will […]

Katrina & Google Earth = Sense of Scope

Katrina & Google Earth = Sense of Scope

Tweet I’ve been a fan of Google Earth (formerly Keyhole) since it came out… it feeds my voracious love of maps, satellite photography, 3D and GPS information like a drug. Combine this software with the resources of Google, thousands of networked enthusiasts and professionals and you’ve got resources that likely dwarf the capabilities of photo […]

Gigabit Speeds via Cell Phone

Tweet I gave up on the US cell phone industry a long time ago. Most of the really significant technological developments seem to happen in Europe and Japan where there seems to be a lot less focus on screwing the consumer and doing corporate battle over incremental changes and false advertising. The latest major advancement […]

Modern Boston Tea Party: Microsoft Overboard!

Tweet Slashdot has this piece about the government in MA opting to switch all document storage standards to a combination of PDF and OpenOffice: “The switch to open formats such as these was needed to ensure that the state could guarantee that citizens could open and read electronic documents in the future, according to Massachusetts […]

“Ancient” iBooks Spur Near Riot

Tweet Life is beyond busy right now… we’re in the “hell weeks” at work right now. These particular weeks come whistling out of the ninth ring every August and land on you with a dull thud. Faculty are returning, early students are already arriving, the first-year’s get here end of the week and the whole […]

Mighty Mouse Violated

Tweet The guys at Ars Technica took apart their day old Mighty Mouse already. Fortunately, they shared all the gory details with us… I originally wrote that it had a speaker… then the first reviews said it didn’t and there was much puzzlement over the odd Apple verbage in the marketing materials. Turns out it […]

Apple Finally Does It: >1 Button

Tweet I wasn’t sure I’d ever see the day when Apple built a mouse with more than one button. It finally happened. The first blog item I saw this morning in my Safari RSS feed list announced Apple’s new Mighty Mouse which they promote with these four words: Click, Squeeze, Roll, Scroll.